Default 2.0 theme


This will be interesting for people who work in GEM Editor. This mod makes your GEM Editor to look different. Editor's standard theme now redesigned and presented in dark colors and minimalist style.


- Open archive with WinRAR;
- Unpack in mods folder of any MoW game;
- Activate mod in-game in the options;


- You can't re-distribute this mod and/or it's parts;
- You can't modify and/or upload it on any other site;
Downloading this mod you agree with these rules!



I made this for myself, and just want to share it, maybe someone else find this useful. This is a test version,so there may be some mistakes or poor quality stuff, do not worry, I'll fix. Some stuff are not included to this mod because they ruining the in-game menu.If you want, you can give a feedback, suggest improvements, by send me a message or just in comment section bellow. I want to continue work on this, and add some more graphic stuff for editor and game itself so stay tuned and good luck :)


Default 2.0 theme for GEM 2 Editor
  • The version 1.2 is coming soon