Tutorial | Mission properties menu (F9)

This tutorial has been written by me for Russian Men of War community. It is useful for beginners, but maybe experienced user learns something new in here.

Call this menu with F9 key in F3 mode. This menu uses for mission configuration.

Mission properties menu (F9)

Show section

It is used for comfortable work. Example: You have a lot of areas on the map or waypoints that you have to register in trigger. Here comes to the rescue the Show section. You mark necessary to you branch, and it always displayed on the screen. This tab consists of:
Waypoints - always display the waypoints on the screen.
Zones - always display zones on the screen.
Covers - always display covers on the screen.

Player section

Next section is Player. It is divided into :
Player - Player selection indicating your units at the start of the game the player will switch automatically to the specified here
Diplomacy - indicates the relationship between specific players (enemy, ally, neutral)
Aliases - here you can reduce the number of players of participants (in the count), the default is 8, and just come up with the name of the player or name of his opponent (for example German troops, my boys, etc)

Diplomacy window

Aliases window

Fog - This feature does not work in the Men of War editor

Helpers section

Tasks - you can use this to create the tasks during the mission.

Create a task. Right-click on an empty field, add, call the task my task.

write the task, for example - Bill kill.

define in which field will be displayed our mission: The main or additional.
state of the task (fail, complete, hidden).
tag of the task marker (red arrow).
for what team in the multiplayer will be given the task

Tasks window


maximum number of reinforcements points .
available at the beginning of the mission number of points.
(work ,hidden)
desk. of the reinforcements
image of the reinforcements (all images stored here: game.pak\interface\scene\unit_icon , just copy the name but without .dds in the end)
more detailed info about reinforcement, which is displayed when you hover over reinforcements button.
the number of reinforcements calls, if you want to have infinite reinforcements simply set the (-1).
reinforcements price
delay in seconds before recall
start event, which launch the reinforcement trigger.
endless event, (usually not use).
the destination waypoint number

Reinforcements window
Events, Vars, Functions - The tools for properly setting of the mission.
Texts - Integrated text editor.Allows you to create and edit dialogue, the name of the reinforcements and the like. Also here you can create sub folders. Click add and enter Dialogues/eng/01, and you get one folder to another. That's all the details.

Texts editor window

Breeds - setting and changing units parameters.

Changing parameters of units

Environment (F6) - In this window you can edit the environment settings. From experience, I would advise you to pay special attention to the two parameters, humans_light and vehicles_light. They are very influences on the perception of the game world.

Modifiers - with this tool you can modify some of the objects in the mission.
Entity_manager - allows you to adjust the number of dead bodies and damaged vehicle on the map.
Azimuth, Map_orientation - change the parameters of the landscape.

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