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Men of War FX Editor

FX Editor from Dietepiet is the powerful tool for creating new and edit exist effects for Men of War. You do not need to open the editor, the program runs in its own window.


Tutorial | Mission properties menu (F9)

This tutorial has been written by me for Russian Men of War community. It is useful for beginners, but maybe experienced user learns something new in here.

Call this menu with F9 key in F3 mode. This menu uses for mission configuration.

Tutorial | Exporting human models

If you want to export yours human models or from any other source, but don't now how to do this, this tutorial differently help you with this not simple task.

autor: Vora_bat   translation: [killz]

GEM 2 Editor tutorial | Making Air Defence

Today I Am want to tell you how to script a flak 38 for shoot into the air.

The GEM Editor is very flexible in setting up scripting, you can implement a lot of interesting things with combinations of scripts.
Watch the video bellow: